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winch recoveryLearning to drive off road

Many four wheel drivers want to learn how to use their vehicle through off road training. There are a range of companies offering four wheel drive training.

Courses cater for various groups and skills, from industry-specific (eg workplace, such as mining) to recreational-focussed.

While in industry it is usually a requirement, recreational four wheel drivers usually want training to safely increase their use and enjoyment of their vehicle.

In common with workplace training, recreational off road training also increases your safety and reduces the chances of vehicle damage.

Practising your skills

As with most learned skills, practise makes perfect. If you are not regularly using those skills, you can forget some of the detail. One of the best ways to keep your skills current is to join a four wheel drive club. Not only does this put your skills to use, but you get to meet other like-minded people from whom you can also learn.

Social aspects aside, when you use your vehicle off-road you may still come across situations that you cannot safely negotiate on your own. This could be because you do not have all the necessary gear, you have approached an obstacle the wrong way, or simply "got bogged"! In a four wheel drive club, getting out of these situations as a group, and learning from them, is all part of the fun.

Even though recreational training for your personal benefit, it makes sense to ensure any training is to a recognised standard. That way you are viewed as a competent four wheel driver by other organisations.

Four Wheel Drive Club Training

The Hornsby Kuringai Four Wheel Drive club offers its members nationally accredited four wheel drive training. We cover both standard training (which is compulsory for all members not holding current training qualifications), and advanced training. Training is heavily discounted for members. Our club is a non-competitive family-oriented environment, which is a great setting in which to learn and practise how to use your vehicle off-road.

Your training at Hornsby Kuringai Four Wheel Drive Club will teach you how to safely handle your vehicle safely in an off-road situation. Skills include:

  • safe operation of your vehicle off-road
  • cross slopes
  • steep slopes and stall recovery
  • water crossings
  • sand driving
  • vehicle recovery

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about joining our club, send an email to membership.officer(at)hk4wd.com.au. Or turn up as a guest at one of our monthly meetings. Further details are on our home page.