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Off-road Adventures

Off-road Touring in your four wheel drive

Boab tree, Northern Terriroty

Many four wheel drive owners want to take their car for off-road adventures. But without some basic skills and some experience, you may be put off by the unknown.

And for good reason. Some of the remote places in Australia for off-road adventures can quickly land you in trouble, or even lead to fatalities.

Commercial Tours

Joining an organised tour is one way round this. Tour guides have researched the tracks they take you on. They have the equipment and skills to keep you out of trouble. Many will not take you on an off-road adventure unless you have the necessary basic skills and safety equipment.

Organised tours can be expensive. Also remember you may be grouped with people you may never have met before. You may have little or no input on where or when you will travel.

However, some of our club members have been on tours, thoroughly enjoyed them and learned much from them. Commercial organised tours are certainly worth considering as an entry into off-road adventures.

Club Tours

Boab tree, Northern Terriroty

An alternate is joining a long distance tour for an off-road adventure through a four wheel drive club.

Membership of a club gives you ample opportunity to join day or weekend trips to learn and practise your off-road skills. Combined with the training provided by the Club, this is one of the fastest ways of gaining off-road proficiency. 

Over time you will meet and get to know other members of the club, and their plans for longer trips. You may even conceive your own long distance trip, but want the reassurance of the company of people who have done it before.

Not only is it more fun with a group of people, but travelling alone to remote areas in Australia can be dangerous even for the best prepared. We advise against considering doing this alone.

Do something!

If you don't take some action, you may never know what you're capable of! There is a lot of beautiful and remote scenery in Australia just waiting to be experienced.

Whatever option you choose, there is nothing to lose by at least contacting our Four Wheel Drive Club to see what is on offer, what trips have taken place, and what's on the cards for coming months. On this website you will find details of our monthly meetings, to which guests are most welcome.

Our four wheel drive club is only as good as what the members put in to it. If you are keen to organise group trips, either long term remote off-road adventures, or day trips, you will find several club members only too willing to show you the ropes, accompany you, and help you lead a successful trip.

Don't just think about it - learn how to use your four wheel drive and let it take you exploring on an off-road adventure.